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Second Tuesday of the Month.

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Officers (as of May 2018)

Guild Master: Ed Torrence

First Mate: James Pitt

Purser: Gary Seaton

Editor: Guy Lawrie

Log Keeper: Isaac Wills

Photographer: John Wickman

Presentations Coordinator: Ed Torrence

Web Master: Rob Wood

Welcome Aboard Mates!

Rigging Techniques: 13 Oct 15

Guild News

Election Results

  Congratulations to our new Guild Master, Ed Torrence!  
Congratulations and thanks to our outgoing Guild Master, Jon Sanford! 
Congratulations to Howard Griffus and Bob Kyle, co-recipients of the 2017 John C. Mathews Award!

Upcoming Events​

​  San Diego County Fair, June 1 - July 4. Volunteers rose to the occasion by signing up here.


Next Meeting:

 Tuesday, July 10 @ 6pm



San Diego Ship Modelers' Guild is affiliated with and supports the Maritime Museum of San Diego


 Aboard The Berkeley on Harbor Drive

In the Embarcadero

The Berkeley