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 An overview of our Guild's awards.
Life Member Award
According to Section 2.6 of the Guild's Bylaws:  "Life membership can be conferred to any member in good standing in recognition of significant, sustained, long term contribution to the Guild."

 2013 Ron Hollod
 2013 Katharine Pogue
 2013 Royce Privett
 2012 William Grolz
 2012 Robert Hewitt
 2002 Bob Wright
 Bob Crawford
 Jack Klein

Best Scale Model Ship Award
Presented by the Maritime Museum of San Diego to the best entry by a Guild member at the annual county fair in the Design in Wood Exhibition. See all Scale Model results at the San Diego County Fair.

 2018 Donald Dressel for HMS HALIFAX
 2017 Robert Hewitt for Dutch Galliot
 2016 Bill Norris for HMS SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS
 2015 Mike Lonnecker for Armed Sloop VIRGINIA
 2014 Mike Lonnecker for Long Boat
 2013 Robert Hewitt for HMS ELEPHANT
 2012 Mike Lonnecker for FAIR AMERICAN
 2011 David Dana for SAN SALVADOR
 2010 Don Leyman for USS CONFEDERACY
 2009 Donald Dressel
 2008 Dr Henry Bikhazi for HMS BOUNTY
 2007 Clyde Emerson for NAVETTE
 2006 Dr Henry Bikhazi for OLIVER CROMWELL
 2005 Robert Hewitt for HMS GLASGOW
 2004 Gus Agustin for HMS RESOLUTION
 2003 Joe Bompensiero
 2002 Clyde Emerson for USS CONFEDERACY

 2018 Recipient: Donald Dressel

HMS HALIFAX on display at the 2018 San Diego County Fair
Don's build of HMS HALIFAX earned the Best Scale Model Ship Award while also garnering the Blue Ribbon for Design In Wood (Scale Model) at the 2018 San Diego Couny Fair.

Commander John C Mathews Award
Presented by the Guild to the "Member of the Year" in recognition for service during the previous year.

 2018 Jon Sanford
 2017 Bob Kyle
 2017 Howard Griffus
 2016 John Wickman
 2015 Robert Hewitt (retroactive)
 2015 Don Dressel (retroactive)
 2015 David Dana (retroactive)
 2015 Mike Lonnecker (retroactive)
 2015 Bill Norris (retroactive)
 2002 Cdr. John C Mathews

 2018 Recipient: Jon Sanford

Jon (l) is presented the Award by Guild Master Ed Torrence
Jon was recognized for his countless hours of service organizing the San Diego County Fair’s Guild Booth and manning the Maritime Museum’s Model Shop.

Working with Jon, one is not surprised when a former student from his days as an educator steps forward with a story from days gone by or Jon engages a curious young visitor about ship modeling.

 2017 Co-Recipients: Howard Griffus and Bob Kyle

Howard (l) and Bob (r) are presented the Awards by Guild Master Jon Sanford
Howard was recognized for his many hours of service at the San Diego County Fair's Guild Booth inspiring both young and old with his modeling skills.


Bob was recognized for his hours of service demonstrating his modeling skills and interacting with visitors to the Maritime Museum's model shop.

 2016 Recipient: John Wickman

John (l) is presented the Award by Guild Master Jon Sanford
John was recognized for his efforts encouraging youngsters into the world of modeling with his San Diego County Fair small ship give-away kits.