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Trafalgar Project
 In 2005, at the request of the Maritime Museum of San Diego, Guild members collaborated to
 produce a diorama depicting the Battle of Trafalgar.
About the Project
In anticipation of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar off the coast of Spain in October 1805 (and with the recent acquistion of HMS SURPRISE née HMS ROSE), the Maritime Museum of San Diego conceived of and funded a diorama recreation of the historic event. This was termed the "Trafalgar Project".

Led by Bob Crawford, the Museum's Curator of Models and a Guild Member, the Trafalgar Project took six months of effort by the team members to produce the finished product.

The diorama measures 6' by 8' and comprises 60 ships of the line and 3 lesser ratings in 1:1200 scale detail. The ships were crafted from GHQ Napoleonic sailing ship models -- all flying the historically correct ensign; HMS VICTORY also flies the "ENGAGE THE ENEMY MORE CLOSELY" signal.

The Trafalgar Project went on display on the forward gun deck of the Maritime Museum of San Diego's HMS SURPRISE in October 2005. The Trafalgar Project is currently on display onboard the STAR OF INDIA.

Read more about the Trafalgar Project in the Guild's October 2005, March 2015, and October 2015 Newsletters.

Project Teams

Team Britain

Dave Dana (team leader)
John Wickman
John McShefferty

Team France

Chuck Seiler (team leader)
Robert Hewitt

Team Spain

Bob McPhail (team leader)
Ed Trasoras

other project modelers
Ron Hollod
Tony Robles
Dick Strange
Ed White
Don Bienvenue

frozen in time at 12:45PM, 21 October 1805, HMS VICTORY (left) cuts the line of French and Spanish ships